Accredited Centres & Testers

Accredited Testing Centres

Accredited Language Centres (Teaching/Tutoring)

  • ISLPR Language Services
  • ISLPR Victoria
  • University of Sydney – SICLE
  • South Australia TAFE

Accredited Testers

The IGAC maintains a list of currently accredited ISLPR® testers.

  • Dr David Ingram (Owner)
  • Teresa Hsieh (Moderator)
  • Paia Ingram (Moderator)
  • Valeria Peretokina (ISLPR Brisbane Tester)
  • Sally Landers (ISLPR Victoria Tester)
  • Heather Drummond (ISLPR Victoria Tester)
  • Bruna Lopes Duraes (ISLPR Brisbane Tester)
  • Meryl Johnson (ISLPR Victoria Tester)
  • Catherine Mottee (ISLPR Sydney Tester)