About ISLPR Global Accreditation Company

Why was the IGAC established?

The ISLPR® Global Accreditation Company (IGAC) was established to oversee and implement strict quality assurance for the use of the ISLPR®.

The IGAC’s purpose is to accredit teachers, tutors, testing centres, testers and test results and to provide quality assurance to all end-users that accept the ISLPR® for high-stakes certification. It is in the interest of candidates, testers and end-users of test results to ensure that any results received for university entry purposes, vocational (including teacher) registration or any other purpose have been quality assured. Quality assurance is built into all major international tests; ISLPR® is no different and ISLPR® tests are subject to strict quality assurance procedures. Test results that have been quality assured and accredited by IGAC will carry  a stamp along with the statement:

“These results have been accredited by the ISLPR® Global Accreditation Company”.

Institutions accepting the ISLPR® are recommended to show the ISLPR® on their list of accepted tests in this way: ISLPR® (IGAC accredited) 


What is the IGAC responsible for?

The IGAC is responsible for:

  • Tester training
  • Accreditation of ISLPR® testers
  • Accreditation of ISLPR® Global Accredited Teaching & Tutoring Centres
  • Accreditation of ISLPR® Global Accredited Test Centres
  • Quality assurance of ISLPR® tests
  • Issuing ISLPR® results certificates

The only valid and reliable ISLPR® results are those accredited and issued by ISLPR Global Accreditation Company (IGAC).

How can I become accredited?

If your organisation would like to be accredited by the ISLPR® Global Accredited Company register your details via the appropriate link on our accreditation request page. Requests will be responded to within 5 business days. For urgent requests, email igac@islpr.org.

I want to learn more about the ISLPR®

If your organisation is an end-user that accepts ISLPR® test results or you are an end-user that would like to learn more about the ISLPR®, please visit our information request page.