Become an Accredited Tester

Do you have experience or an interest in TESOL?

We offer a training program conducted by a qualified specialist (under the authority of the ISLPR® Global Accreditation Company).

From the introductory training programme you will gain knowledge in:

  • The theoretical background to the ISLPR®
  • The methodology of ISLPR® language proficiency testing
  • The ISLPR® scale
  • How to select testing materials

You will also:

  • Have an opportunity to start collecting a bank of test materials
  • Participate in a practicum to consolidate your learning
  • Be accredited & certified as a Stage 1 Tester, on the successful completion of the training programme and practicum.

You may then progress through Stages 2, 3 and 4 subject to approved Performance Standards.

Testers at Stage 4 accreditation may be accredited as Moderators. Moderators are employed by IGAA to quality assure (i.e. review and give feedback on testers’ tests). Specialists are eligible to be employed by IGAA to conduct tester training.

Pre-requisites include:

  • A minimum undergraduate degree in a language related field (e.g. TESOL or linguistics)
  • Graduate qualifications in TESOL, applied linguistics or a similar field.
  • Experience in second language teaching or testing
  • If not a native speaker, you will require close to native-like proficiency (at least ISLPR 4+ in all macroskills). Must be able to prove proficiency with an accredited ISLPR® certificate.

If you are interested in more information on the Stages of Tester training please contact